Friday, October 2, 2009

The vanishing "F" word?

I realize this blog is supposed to be about life in Bmore...and this post really is about life at NU.
However because I probably won't be exactly firing out posts or anything I hope you guys don't mind taking a quick trip north that for many of you (those of you who are my brothers) may be rather familiar!
But first, I must delve into my childhood. I remember as a youngster between 8 and 11 hanging out with the neighborhood kids. I believe that was probably the only time in my life that I hung out consistently with non-christian friends. That is until I got to college anyway. I remember hanging out on the the block trying to get kids to stick their finger in the back of the air-conditioner at Jeffrey's house so they would get shocked. And I remember that back then when I was maybe kind of actually cool was also my first exposure to that special group of words known as "curse words" (or as I consistently term them to people's amusement "bad words"). Now I don't remember Jeffrey and his friends ever referring to those odious words in their full form. It was always mysteriously put, the "A" word, or the "S" word. And you were a very special person if you happened to actually know what the full words were! I was never blessed with those divine secrets and so I always had to pretend that of course I understood just how bad those words were.

Now this may seem like an interesting little childhood anecdote but I have a point here. See, Jeffrey was one bad kid. The baddest kid on the block! Or at least thats what us other kids got the impression of by the way he talked...the only kid badder was actually his younger brother who was infamous for allegedly hitting his Grandmother over the head with a chair (thats how Jeffrey explained the big bandage on her head at any rate). But even big bad Jeffrey knew that bad words were bad words! They were just bad! Unacceptable in societal functions! Only excused when released in a extreme situations or else on TV!

BUT when I started in on this great old adventure of my life, college, that is supposed to determine who I grow up to be and become for the rest of my life, I quickly realized something very strange and different. The old terminology I had grown up with, the "A", "B", "S", and "F" words had been left behind! In fact they didn't exist anymore, because people didn't even think that these words were bad anymore. I want to speak specifically about the "F" word here. There is no such thing as the "F" word anymore. Not in my generation. There is only the word F***. My generation doesn't just not care about whether saying a "bad word" whenever they want is socially unacceptable, they don't even seem to know it was ever "bad". It is the new "crap"! There is no flinch in their eye or anyone else's. There is no lowering of their tone. And if you ask them why 50% of the words in their sentences is the same curse word they will probably look confused. In fact I wouldn't be at all surprised if next year's generation will be raising their hands in english class to ask why the word F*** is not in the dictionary!

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  1. Interesting post. These words are also widely acceptable in current business culture... among Boomers and late generation Xers. So actually I do wonder if your perception is a little off. I think its less a generational, cultural change as it is simply the evolution in acceptable diction as people grow older. Unfortunately, people simply become coarser, harder, and disolusioned over time. May God grant us all the ability to face the real hardness of life without allowing it to darken our hearts and speech.