Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pressing the Lines

It was with some consternation last year that many Baltimore residents watched the city council vote to require crisis pregnancy centers to post signs indicating that they would not advise or assist in abortions. The patent violation of the 1st amendment rights of this ordinance was recognized by the U.S. District Court and was struck down this week. It will not be a surprise if the Mayor, who strongly supported this ordinance, appeals. Pro-lifers should be encouraged by the appeal, because it is a law that will not likely hold up. The higher the case goes, the greater precedence will be set against these sort of persecutions.
The ruling may also have a positive impact on efforts in Washington State to prevent a similar anti-pregnancy care center bill from being voted into law. The bill in Washington not only requires a 30 pt. font disclaimer in several languages to be posted prominently, it also appear to broaden the liability of the centers making them more vulnerable to lawsuits.

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