Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Big Big News News

Laura and I are excited to announce that we are expecting TWINS in mid-March. While we were planning on our second child this spring, the news of twins at our first ultrasound Wednesday was quite a shock! The very smooth technician asked Laura how she had been feeling, to which Laura replied "Not very well." "Well that can sometimes be a sign of twins," he replied. At this point I was scrunching my eyes at what appeared to be a mirror image on the monitor screen. "You're kidding!" Laura gasped. "I never kid about twins," he said. "But that's impossible, there's no twins in either of our families!" Sagely, the technician reminded us, "Well there is now."

So yes, we're still absorbing the news. We are, or course, thrilled! As teachers and Christians, we believe that educating and raising children is the primary means of changing the world! We have been doubly blessed! At the same time, we can't help but be terrified. We realize our lives are about to change drastically. A new car, job\career decisions, an accelerated home re-model timetable, 3 under 3... the implications are endless! Your wisdom and advice are welcome. Knowing that we are are surrounded by an incredible community of support here in York, south Jersey, Virginia, and beyond makes us feel a lot better.

Lots of ultrasound and bump pictures to come! Praise God. 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

We all fall down...

Fun with friends!

Jericho has been having a lot of fun around here!

Cousing Rachel and Jericho had a great time exploring the wonder of belly buttons and giving each other wagon rides!

Jericho has warmed up to classroom-pet-at-home-for-the-summer-only, Joe.

Couzin Tirzah found a great pal to rough house with.

Jericho loves popsicles (in hand) and saying "cheese," among other things.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Jericho goes sailing (again!).

Last week was our "annual" family week on my brother's 34-foot Hunter, Miss Eve.

This was a more ambitious trip than last year- six days and five nights. Here's what our itinerary ended up looking like:

Sunday PM- Bohemia River to Wharton Creek
Monday- Wharton Creek to St. Michael's
Tuesday PM- St. Michael's to Crab Alley Creek (Kent Island)
Wednesday- Crab Alley to Annapolis Harbor
Thursday- Annapolis to Tenthouse Creek (West River)
Friday- Tenthouse to Knapp's Narrow (Tilghman Island)

2012- Jericho at 1.5 years
Jericho, one year removed from her last sailing trip was a ton of fun, if not a bit more difficult. Look at the difference!

2011- Jericho is approx. 6 months

We had overall great weather with the nights cooling off considerably and enough storms\frontal movement to give us some periods of great wind. Highlights were 10+ kts from Wharton Creek to Rock Hall in cool overcast skies and a banner day of 15-25 kts out of the SE sailing upwind and then reaching from Annapolis straight into the West River.

It was great having college buddy and Sigma Chi brother Steve Richter along with us from the Bohemia to Annapolis. We did a good bit of reading aloud from The Horse and His Boy.

Jericho stayed busy on the Miss Eve, coloring, climbing, and generally being silly. It took a few days of adjustment, but she was really awesome overall.