Friday, June 27, 2014

Honeytrip Part 1- Friday Afternoon

My cousin's apartment is a cute studio in old city with breezy windows looking out at curious neighborhood porches and rooftop gardens. She had left chocolates, a list of recommended city establishments, and a hundred other thoughtful details. We are charmed! (And so thankful)
Starved, we headed for Fat Salmon's purportedly located at 7th and Walnut. For the life of us we couldn't find it. So we ended up at Umai Royal, a basement level restaurant serving Chinese, Japanese, AND Thai food since they are all so similar. I wasn't feeling too optimistic but hoping for the best. The Coconut Vegetable Soup with lemongrass was excellent. We ordered an Alaskan Roll and a spicy shrimp tempura, both excellent. Still feeling hungry we ordered a spicy tuna roll, which was horrible. Mashed fish meat that could have easily been canned with food dye. Au revoir Umai.