Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Big Big News News

Laura and I are excited to announce that we are expecting TWINS in mid-March. While we were planning on our second child this spring, the news of twins at our first ultrasound Wednesday was quite a shock! The very smooth technician asked Laura how she had been feeling, to which Laura replied "Not very well." "Well that can sometimes be a sign of twins," he replied. At this point I was scrunching my eyes at what appeared to be a mirror image on the monitor screen. "You're kidding!" Laura gasped. "I never kid about twins," he said. "But that's impossible, there's no twins in either of our families!" Sagely, the technician reminded us, "Well there is now."

So yes, we're still absorbing the news. We are, or course, thrilled! As teachers and Christians, we believe that educating and raising children is the primary means of changing the world! We have been doubly blessed! At the same time, we can't help but be terrified. We realize our lives are about to change drastically. A new car, job\career decisions, an accelerated home re-model timetable, 3 under 3... the implications are endless! Your wisdom and advice are welcome. Knowing that we are are surrounded by an incredible community of support here in York, south Jersey, Virginia, and beyond makes us feel a lot better.

Lots of ultrasound and bump pictures to come! Praise God. 


  1. Woot! Woot! Prayers abounding!

    Aunt Pam

  2. Congratulations! However, I must correct you in that there are twins on the Kuhns side of the family. ERic and Amy's twin sons, Brody and Lane are now 7 years old. They are fraternal twins, so we will see if you have identical or fraternal twins. Contact Eric and Amy for how to survive twins!
    Love, Aunt Brenda

  3. How very exciting Asa! As a mom of five, the youngest of whom are twins,(Jaime and Dan) I can attest to the joy that twins bring to a home! When the twins came home from the hospital I had a 9 yr old, a 7 yr. old, a 22 month old and the twins! Life has never been the same, and certainly was never boring. You and Laura will be fine and Jericho will love being the big sister. I will be praying for you all! Blessings, Mrs. Ford

  4. Congratulations! How wonderful! The LORD always provides, and what a blessing that you are surrounded by strong support group.

  5. Whoah!!!! That IS Big Big News News!! Congratulations!! I think Eric and I can be friends with experience in this area :)

  6. Congratulations Asa & Laura! I have no advice whatsoever- we're handling two just fine, but I can only imagine what it'd have been like if we got two at once. But like my mother always says, God doesn't give you anything you can't handle. All our love!
    Gena & Leon

  7. congratulations from Uncle John


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