Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Poem Update: Poem Included in Versify E-Book

Stacia Fleegal continues to advocate for York County poetry with her work for YDR and the Versify blog. Here's an e-book she created to showcase the "poems of the month" for 2013-2014. My poem, The Summer Without the Fence, is included under November. Thanks Stacia! Follow her @ShapeShifter43 and @VersifyYDR

A Song for My Children

Andrew Peterson continues to say what we want to say, but lack the words for.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Martin's Dream May Not Be Yours

I may not have the right to preach
As I may not have the ability to sing gospel
Or the relationship to call him Martin
(No rare meeting, no kin, no skin)
But that which we do have in common is strong,
For I am
In his words
A transformed conformist
Which is, by the way, a direct reference to Romans 12:2
A point easily forgotten by those sharing his passion but not his power
This much I know and claim-
Because we are brothers, bound by two common threads
The former now always taking precedence
Ignoring the latter such that any creed or crusade becomes his-
And I too am all too prone to put words in the mouths of the sleeping
It's an every day struggle (some call it jihad) 
To reconcile the heart and the head.
My saving grace, and Martin's too?
My man's not dead.