Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Gained and Lost

This week I learned that one of my former girlfriends is engaged and preparing for a summer wedding. The first engagment in fact, among that category of women in my life. I am of course extremely happy for her and her groom (also a high school friend). So perhaps we can say that something is gained but also lost. Or is it just irrelevant?
My brother has the distinction of having at least 5 women in his life who married the next man they dated after him. At 25, this makes him nervous.


  1. Nice try Asa, but everyone knows that's the plot of the 2007 hit comedy, "Good Luck Chuck." Please stop stealing material from Dane Cook for your blog.

  2. Hi Tony-
    No stealing. "Everyone" doesn't know. And why would I steal? Or who cares? But anyway, thanks for listening?