Thursday, October 23, 2008


There are so many voices out there. Some voices out there are genuine- they really want the public to reconsider the direction, purpose, and leadership of the nation. Election time should be a time of reflection, soul-searching, and ultimately commitment.
Some voices are clearly disengenuous. The mantra of "Vote Now!" is really a mantra of "Vote Now (for X Candidate)!" In the battle of voter turnout, motivations don't matter.
Some voices are plainly naive. As if we weren't dealing with flesh and blood, real problems, and the reality that we'll have a new president, whether democrat and republican, and we'll still be in Iraq -for a long time.
So here's the thing. There are two choices for President- or three, if each veep counts as a half. So as much as I think election time is a perfect opportunity to renew our democratic vigor, in the end, it's still Obama or McCain. Choose.

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