Thursday, March 4, 2010

Teacher Gossip

Until I began working as a teacher's aid at an elementary school I had no idea of the similarities between teachers and students. Apparently, the age old practice of discussing good and bad teachers with fellow students is something teachers also indulge in. My lunch breaks generally consist of listening to different teachers discuss how ridiculous their students are. The most common topic is discussing just how many students a teacher has that really should be in some special program and need to be diagnosed.
In fact, the amount of gossip that passes between teachers on an average school day could certainly rival that of any group of chatty high-schoolers.


  1. I tried to post a comment, I thought I posted a comment, but I guess I did not!

  2. So here it is, now that I figured out my error:
    You have offered a wonderful reason to avoid the teacher's lounge altogether. It can be an interesting social experiment, but that gets old fast. I have to admit that I have often eaten in the lounge this year, but I have a number of justifications\qualifications:
    1) Our lounge is small, not very well used except for a few people, and conversation is sparse and is only about 50% school related, 2) There is a TV with ESPN although it usually is playing "Family Feud" during my lunch break, 3)Until my wife got a microwave for her room and I started eating during my planning time instead of my regular lunch time- I needed the lounge microwave.
    I HAVE started to use the lounge less- mostly because there's a Pre-K Paraprofessional that sits in there and plays with her dentures. It makes this awful sucking sound that roils my stomach. In addition, I have figured that this may be the one and only time in our life where Laura and I can eat lunch together!