Friday, February 4, 2011

On Denominations

"If denominationalism simply denotes a "brand" vying for market share, then let denominationalism fall. But many of us believe denominations can represent fidelity to living traditions of local congregations that care about what Jesus cared about—personal conversion, discipleship, mission and community. Perhaps the denominational era has just begun."
Russell Moore, Wall Street Journal

In response to "Denominations" Ned Bananachex tried to post the following:

Presumably denominations have at least this one great and needful ability- to police their members. Reformed folk in particular are groaning under the pernicious influence of Mr. Howard Camping and independent radio "minister" who appears to answer to absolutely no one as he spews his heretical teachings over the radio airwaves.(The church age is over, leave your church, Jesus will return on May 21st...and tis time I mean it!) I may chaff under the authority of my conservative denomination from time to time, but if I tried a stunt like Mr. Camping's I'd be brought up on charges, out of my pulpit and stripped of my ministerial credentials faster than you could say "Servitus". That's a good thing.

Greetings and blessings to all.

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