Monday, March 21, 2011

Good Mothers Unite!

Amy Chua has sparked a national conversation on parenting and now the nation collectively holds its breath to find out if her barbaric\savvy parenting "worked" or not; will Sophia be welcome by the Ivy elites?
As a teacher in an independent school, the article resonated strongly with me. Faculty here stresses over and over that students should takes risks, be willing to fail, and work for something bigger and more worthwhile than a grade. At the same time, parents want to know: Will I get my money's worth from your school? Will you get my child success?

Is Flanagan's dichotomy between achievment and learning a fair one? It is certainly a tension that plays out every day all over America.

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  1. I've actually thought a lot about this subject, but don't know quite what I think...I go back and forth. People often mention examples like Lincoln who failed at everything most of his life, but made a few really big triumphs. Really everyone wants themselves and children to meet immediate success always and hop off to a great college and 6 figure income in a flash. Come to think of it that plan is pretty boring...

  2. I also go back and forth on this topic, Adriel. I think that I have some tiger mom in me so that I might instill a good Puritan work ethic in my children (and not simply to get them to the ivies). There are many aspects of the oriental cultures that I admire. I myself often think of them as respectful and hardworking while I more often than not see my fellow Americans as entitled and lazy. Although I may use some aspects of the tiger mom code, it will not be so that my children will be pushed to be affluent professionals but so that it will help to foster an affluence of morals. ~LR

  3. Thankfully often learning and achievement do go togther. And what a blessing that God opens and closes the right doors!