Monday, November 21, 2011

An Overdue Update: The "Almost Finished" Bathroom

Thanks for following along as we continue this long and tortured re-model of the our new old house! The bathroom is fully functioning and almost complete, save some caulking, a switch plate, and the re-installation of the stained glass windows behind the all-weather plexiglass.
It's hard to imagine that the work shown in the pictures below happened in September!

Laura was the sous-chef for the tiling project
while I did the mounting and cutting with the wet saw.

We have successfully fooled almost every new guest
to the bathroom with our vinyl flooring.

A good picture of the tiling going up. These hard plastic spacers were easier to use than the spongy x-shaped type. They had a tendency to fall out repeatedly with the tiniest shift, but were so easy to put back and remove at the end. 


  1. Sweat equity in progress! The tiling looks wonderful.

  2. Hey looks sweet bro!! Can't wait to see all your hard work!!!!

  3. Yes, the tiling is amazing. The attention to detail on the church lawn edging paid off!


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