Tuesday, March 27, 2012


As one friend put it, "There was an unarmed teenager, and a man with a gun; the unarmed teenager died."

As facts and fictions continue to emerge in the explosive Trayvon Martin case, I have felt the powerful vacuum and a bluster of hot air that results from a thousand snap judgements. There was a tragedy. We all want answers. Hoodies, concealed carry laws, gated communities, self-defense, suspensions, black codes, skittles...

While watering my garden, the hopeful buds that survived last night's freeze, I saw the empty bag, torn and caught in the fence. I went inside to grab my camera, and came out. Two young boys skulked down the sidewalk, sought by two men, on the phone with the police.


  1. Very Moving!! (one typo needs to be fixed- two young boys)