Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Church Twins at 14 Weeks

Have you ever wondered what difference 4 weeks makes in the life of a baby in the womb?
Here you are!
Baby Twins at 10 weeks! This is pretty zoomed out, as to capture the womb and separate sacks, but  here the twins are still in a "blob stage," albeit with beating hearts and the start of digits!

At 14 weeks, we have fully formed babies! What isn't there are lots of internal organs that would allow for  life on the outside. Otherwise, the twins have fingers, lips, toes, and even baby sex parts... stay tuned for further news on that front!

   Thanks for your congratulations, thoughts, and prayers. Everything looks great! The twins are about 4 ozs each and 3 and half inches long, crown to rump! Laura turned a corner with her nausea and fatigue just about two weeks ago now, so that is a blessing. That isn't to say that she's not completely exhausted at the end of a teaching day!
    The current challenge is to gain the weight she is supposed to while downing over 14 full size vitamin pills a day. She was told that she is behind the game in twin-pregnancy weight gain, which should be frontloaded in the 1st and 2nd trimester to safeguard against low birth weight. She has been asked to consume 3000 calories a day! I'm trying to avoid sympathy poundage with all the extra food around. She's expected to gain 45 lbs. by D-day.
    The twin hoarding has already started. Baby food on clearance? I bought them all. Friends with twin toddlers are giving us their baby carriers. Perfect. And another set of friends are passing off a crib. We are still looking for another wooden full-size crib for Baby B. Let us know if we can help de-clutter someone's home!
    I leave you with this:
Wacky Day at School, the perfect opportunity to wear a bowl cut, pencil beard, and my  favorite sweatshirt.

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  1. Lot's of great news! The difference of 4 weeks IS amazing! and you definately looked wacky on wacky day hehehe :)