Saturday, February 2, 2013

An Upcycled Wooden Play Kitchen for Jericho!


Happy Birthday Jericho!

As our daughter turned two last week, we were able to give her a really awesome present. Inspired a while ago from a Pinterest posting, Laura suggested we find a small cabinet at Goodwill or Resource York to turn into a play kitchen. But as it turns out, the perfect start to this project was already in our house: a section from the upper cabinets over the fridge in the old upstairs bedroom (in the process of becoming Jericho's new room). Follow along in the transformation!
1) An old cabinet

                    2) With one door turned vertical and new shelving added


3) A "backplash" and the "stovetop" added


4) Trimmed out                                     

5) Painting in progress


6) Final details including sink and burners

With just a few exceptions,
 everything in this project was recycled or we already owned.
Hardware from the cabinets was reused, the backsplash was made with plywood and 2x4s rescued from a demo project in the basement, the trim came from the old kitchen on the first floor and leftovers in the garage from the 1970s basement finishing job. All of the paint we already owned, used in our real kitchen. The shelf was made of the bottom of a cabinet drawer and the wheels were mounted on recycled 2x4s. The stove insulation was a leftover scrap from our kitchen remodel and finally, the wire baskets inside the stove and on the side came from our restored 1950s MacDougall built-ins. We bought: 4 wheels, epoxy, two wooden knobs and two flat wooden cut-outs, and a dog bowl.


  1. That's great, Asa. Nice job Church parents!

  2. Good job!! I love your ingenuity!! I bet Jericho loves it. Happy Birthday, Jericho! Your Great Aunt Brenda

  3. SOO great!!! Happy Birthday Jericho!! So sad we missed the festivities yesterday.

  4. What a wonderful gift- the chalk board is esp thoughtful!