Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Jericho's Room Finished! (almost)

...and just in time for the homecoming of Shadrach and Moses (projected sometime between Friday and Sunday!)

The final phase of renovation in Jericho's room was focused on the floors. The excessive amounts of adhesive, water damage, delay in ordered wood and the complications of custom planing and "routing" the red oak all caused this to be a mammoth project. As with most projects I post on this blog, I owe their completion to a half dozen people who gave their time and talents.

The room as a kitchen...


Water damage!

Removing damaged wood

 Construction Zone
Thanks to: Steve for the assistance in fabricating the custom plank flooring
(5/16 thick and 1 1/2 wide!)
Patched in and sanded!
(Thanks to: Ben for carpentry, Father and Simeon for stripping, Susan and Brian for sanding)

Two coats of Cabot stain (pecan) and three coats of Varathane Oil-Based Semi-gloss
Thanks to: Warren and Pop Pop

We bought this bed along with two dressers more than a year ago in anticipation of this day!

What's left? Moulding. The original shoe molding has been sanded and awaits staining and sealing. We couldn't wait any longer to move furniture!


  1. Beautiful floor! She is a lucky little girl! And I'm sure will appreciate her comfortable sanctuary away from her little brothers :) -adriel