Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fifteen weeks and counting!

The clamor for more photos, or photos at all, has been heard. In fact, it was heard many weeks ago but a creaky computer, unreliable internet, and bad luck has conspired to prevent a posting until now. I think I started a draft of this post at least 4 times only to be thwarted. We have overcome! Presenting, Shadrach and Moses:

Shadrach with an early and easy smile!
Though "typically" more serious, Moses is quick with a smile too!

Though certainly a dynamic duo, the twins have yet to really recognize each other. They seem to know the other is there but they literally will not look at each other. How do we tell them apart? Well, they are different. Moses has a square-ish head while Shadrach's head is rounder. Moses is also averaging 10 ounces or so heavier since birth. The Dr. that delivered them suggested this may be because Moses was below Shadrach and his body reacted to the added stress by more vigorous growth. Interesting. Like wine grapes, improved by the struggle of hot, dry weather?
 Lot's of friends have asked how Jericho has handled it all. She is much better now than ever, and is actually becoming an amazing big sister, quick to help by re-inserting binkies, throwing out diapers, and holding the twins. It started off ROUGH however. Jealousy is a mighty powerful thing in a two year old.

 The worst part of being a big sister is being deprived of Momma when the twins are nursing. Now that Shadrach and Moses prefer to be nursed separately, this can be a full 45 minutes of jealousy! The flip side of solo-nursing is that Laura has a free hand to read a book or play home-videos for Jericho (her favorite thing to watch).

Jericho is getting better at playing with the twins and is quick with her affection now!

Parenting is tough! What Laura most needs is sleep (it's getting better now that the twins sleep 4-6 hours at night) and what Papa needs most is patience when he has nothing to really give them when they're really really hungry!

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  1. So glad the nursing is going so much better this time around.....and with two!! Supermomma!