Tuesday, August 6, 2013


While excavating bushes and the steps to a defunct side entrance to our house I found a number of old things. The first is a can of "A-Treat, Frosty Cream [Soda?]" The middle Pepsi bottle was found under a bush, but the other two were buried in the fill dirt under the concrete porch I removed. So far my best estimate is that this porch was built in the 70s. Rutter Bros, now branded as simply Rutter's, is a local dairy now expanded as a gas and convenience store.

At 50 cents, I couldn't resist this classic version of Battleship identical to the one we played as kids. Here you can see my winning strategy. I "hid" the ever elusive two-shot boat perpendicular and abutting the aircraft carrier leaving the smallest footprint once the game got down to the last ships.

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