Sunday, September 8, 2013

Jericho: Update and Great News

As many of you know, Jericho spent the last 3+ weeks throwing up anywhere between 1-6 times a day. On the worst days she lay on the couch or in her bed completely despondent and listless. Fortunately, her symptoms have seemed to cease as quickly as they began! Thanks so much for your prayers! They have been answered. Today was Jericho's 5th day without throwing up. She is once again full of laughter and eager to learn.
She will see a specialist in Philadelphia on Monday, but we are just grateful for this reprieve and hopeful that she will remain healthy and quickly gain back the weight (3+ lbs.) that she had lost.
UPDATE 9/10: Great visit to specialist at CHOP who fairly confidently diagnosed Jericho's condition as Gastroparesis likely brought on by a flu virus. Apparently what happens is the virus puts the digestive system into such shock that it slows down and nearly stops. The body doesn't process food very well and much of it comes back up as undigested food. This syncs with Jeicho's symptoms for sure. Any time she felt better enough to start eating more, she'd trigger more vomiting, even though small amounts of food were making it through. The best news? Jericho can go back to having cow milk- including cheese and "a-cream" (ice cream). She is thrilled!
Now she can get back to...

Reading to her brothers...
Rocking her new backpack...

Painting masterpieces...

Goofing off with packing filler...
We love you Jericho!


  1. So glad! Praying that good health continues and her playful and joyful spirit has returned full bore!

  2. We praise God with you for her recovery!

  3. I just read Phil's update and praise God for His healing work in Jericho! Aunt Brenda

  4. This is one happy MomMom - we do praise God for his goodness!