Friday, December 6, 2013

Poem Published to Versify Blog

I have not shared any poetry on this blog for some time, though I have continued to write sporadically. In addition, editing of my first collection of poetry continues slowly. Stay tuned for a pitch on pre-ordering your own copy of this self-published book!

In the meantime, a poem of mine titled The Summer Without the Fence, was selected as a "Poem of the Month" by the staff at The York Daily Record and has been published to their blog Versify. Find the blog and my poem here. The poem and the brief interview will be published in the print edition of The York Daily Record in the next couple of weeks.

Another poem:

Why buy a Christmas tree
when we have trees to please for free
(wild and untamed though they are)
Growing here among the grazing cows?

And another:

The love in the law
Is a driving wedge
Knowing the heights
Knowing the depths


  1. I like your analysis of the poem, better than your interviewer's. Definitely pretty risky emotionally. I didn't really see guilt in it, but rather faith to let her go.

  2. Powerful, Asa. Every time I come across your writing in your blog, or now in print, I'm challenged by your ability to be a busy, working, successful dad and still write. Are you going to publish "Maxims?" I want to know when I can read it. I'm also fixating now on "the love in the law." I think that could be a great opening to someone wondering about obedience as Christians.