Thursday, January 7, 2016

Stock Film Lives Again- Sargent Hall, Northwestern University

While watching the surprisingly good Amazon original series The Man in the High Castle, I almost instantly recognized a scene (Episode 9). It was Sargent Hall, Northwestern University- a place I ate many a meal in and lived next door to for three out of four years. But what was most surprising was that while I was aware Sargent had been used as a hospital for a film shot while I was an undergrad, it certainly wasn't The Man in the High Castle. It was actually The Express, a critically applauded but commercially failed film about the first African American Heisman Trophy winner from Syracuse University, Ernie Davis. I don't know a lot about how stock footage works, but Amazon was clearly making the most of pre-filmed footage- and it worked just fine.

Sargent Hall in The Express 

Sargent Hall in The Man in the High Castle
Sargent Hall circa 2010 (notice the Tech 4th floor construction)

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