Sunday, August 23, 2009

NYC Day 2-4

Friday Night- Tourists in Little Italy
We got to Little Italy just as the roads had been blocked off and the restaurants were busily setting out tables and chairs. We couldn't so much as make eye contact, even peep at a menu without being assailed by a smooth talking Italian (or Hispanic, or Eastern European- you can't always tell).

The food at Lunella was ok but overpriced. And basically we felt like tourist buffoons instead of a newly married couple enjoying fine dining. Maybe that was our problem and not the restaurants but I wouldn't suggest dinner in Little Italy. At least not Lunella.

Saturday- Biking!
We decided to brave NYC by bike- and had the good fortune of running into the third and final Summer Streets day. We rode from the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge all the way to Central Park on car free streets with water stops, free food give-aways, free bike repairs, and even free bike rentals. I was reminded of Chicago's Bike the Drive.

We then spent the rest of the day in Central Park- IOM racing on the Conservatory Waters, the children's lily pond in the Conservatory Garden, swimming in Lasker pool, and people watching at the Carousel were highlights.

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