Sunday, August 16, 2009

Obama Wants Health Care Competition?

Apparently. Or so says his press secretary, Robert Gibbs.
"What the president has always talked about is that we inject some choice and competition into the private insurance market."
Read more in the New York Time article:

It appears that Obama may be more of a pragmatic populist than he has been given credit for. The White House seems to be very open to negotiation. I wonder if this pragmatic tendency is backfiring in that conservatives in Congress, knowing that Obama will negotiate, are driving a hard bargain. I also think that the crisis mentality that has been created at least in part by Obamas own campaigning has been co-opted by those un-friendly to the finer points of his reform. Having brought the essential members to the table- largely Healthcare and Business lobbies and Congress, with a splash of grasroots furor, they are now writing their own healthcare reform without the White House.

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