Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Demo Day at Madison Avenue

We've begun work on our new house- which means making a bigger mess before things get better!

We started with the kitchen, which will be expanded by moving the basement stairs and eliminating the back stairs. The wall you see in the first picture will be going away forever along with the extra exterior door. A lazy-susan and cabinets will be there instead!

The lathe strips were actually mounting strips for imitation brick paneling. Yuck.

Here's where the basement stairs will now be (thanks Philista!). While we are sad to lose this lovely dining room closet, we will be really grateful for the additional square feet in the kitchen.

We took up nasty 1970s carpet in the basement bedrooms and found wonderful concrete flooring. Very happy to see their excellent condition.

A bunch of us worked on sprucing up the exterior, edging and trimming (thanks Emily!):

BUT that's not all... More to come, including a very creep "scream" basement shower.


  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures and what took place over the weekend - family and friends are a big help.

    I'm looking forward to next week!

  2. Very cool place! All your hard work is going to pay off :)