Saturday, June 25, 2011

How to Survive the Age of Distraction

Couldn't help being intrigued by the title of this article in the London Independent.

Particularly quotable:

"TS Eliot called books 'the still point of the turning world.' He was right. It turns out, in the age of super-speed broadband, we need dead trees to have fully living minds."



  1. Mind Belz pick ups the same TS Eliot quote in her July 2 column in World Magazine. It must be book review season...

  2. On second reading, I have to point out that Bradbury does not write about a world where books were merely burned. They too were forgotten, which is a fundamental aspect of the novel. It's not a society in which a regime burned books to extinction but rather the public no longer wanted any books. Nevertheless, the government is paranoid, and rightly so, that those pesky books that still remain might ignite some sort of awakening. The cyclical view presented by the end of the novel seems to indicate that is exactly what may happen.